Welcome Home!

I am here to share with you my journey through chaos and disarray to a slightly more organized version of my life. By no means am I even close to having everything organized and perfect; I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the next best organizing idea, tool or product! I don’t even know what I would do if I ever felt like my whole house was completely organized, I guess I’d realistically start reorganizing! I talk about organizing a TON with both friends and family. I share my ideas and thoughts and they share theirs and before you know it, one or both of us are pulling apart our cupboards or closets or bathrooms!

The thought of going into a store to shop for anything that will help me organize makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I just walk in and stand there while I take it all in. Then obviously I HAVE to go down every aisle because you never know if you’ll find the perfect kitchen product in the bathroom section!

If you haven’t noticed by now I have a passion for organizing stuff. BUT, before you can organize it all, you have to make sure you get rid of…dare I say…most of your stuff. Even right now as you sit and read this from wherever you are in your house, I bet you could get rid of at least 3 things around you. There is no doubt in my mind that, with the overall affluence in today’s society, almost everyone is overbuying or buying multiples of things. Who doesn’t love a good BOGO deal, am I right? But do you really need 2? or 4? of the same thing? The year 2020 has definitely thrown us all for a loop. Maybe there are more items to stock up on, but let’s not let it take over.

I am far from a minimalist!

I love stuff, I have enough of it for maybe even 2 houses. I am often the girl saying, “oh I have one of those…” To me, being organized and decluttering simply means that you no longer let your stuff define how you live. You take charge of your stuff, rather than letting your stuff control what you do, or how you entertain (or how you don’t). You save time, money and your mental capacity for life when everything has a spot. Show off your stuff, don’t hide behind it!

Only a couple years ago I was walking around an obstacle course in my house when I had finally reached my limit! I realized that all this stuff that I thought I loved was actually limiting me from living my life and even using my stuff the way I wanted to. I couldn’t use my craft room because there were too many crafting supplies in it. I couldn’t use my fitness equipment because there were kids toys everywhere. The kids couldn’t even play with their cars and tracks because there were too many things on the floor! Laundry piles on the couch and dirty dishes in the sink! Backpacks and shoes spread out at the door!

My home was literally under clutter!!

So here I am! Hanging out all of my dirty laundry! After reaching my limit, after purging more than half my stuff, and after having a bit over a year to be in the house examining closely how to store the stuff that I did keep. I am here to share my experience, my ideas and mostly my passion for how the whole process gave me and my family a better life moving forward. It is still a work in progress, or a working process but either way there is so much to share!

Maybe your home is under clutter too, or maybe you could stand to loose a few household pounds, or maybe you just want ideas for how you can store your own beloved stuff. All is not lost. There is hope. Enjoy reading and I am positive you wont be disappointed.

Thanks for coming home!

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