Always make a label!

It’s important to always put a label on your bins after sorting them. There is something so ‘finished’ about a bin with a label. Mentally, it prepares you to keep it sorted because you know what goes into the bin, and (more importantly!) what doesn’t! Physically, it’s something you can show off and be proud of. Everyone who may encounter the bin can also now use it effectively. No more excuses!!

Also, why not make it themed, or pretty it up a bit. It’s fine to pull out some tape and write on it, or print it quickly off the computer or use a Cricut and make it REALLY fancy! Just whatever you do, do label it! When you’re quickly tidying, and the bin is not labelled, I bet you will put stuff that doesn’t belong into it. I mean really, who’s going to know? You can always re-sort it later…right! I mean, I ‘never’ do that!

A bin without a label is like a bin with a lost purpose!

It can’t possibly serve you well if you don’t know what does or doesn’t belong!

Show your personality in your labels!

My labels, I printed off the computer, then I decided to fancy it up with a themed background. I might as well put my craft room to good use, right?

Seasonal Decor Bins

These flip top bins are not the prettiest, but for me they are the most functional. I hardly lose any space on the shelves, I can see through the bin (which I love as another visual reminder of what is in the bin), and I can slightly open the lid without pulling the bin out, especially for those small forgotten items when changing over the decor.

Adding a label is the best trophy you can give yourself for your hard work.

It’s like adding a stamp to an envelope, or hanging a picture. When it’s done, it’s done! Once that label is on, the hard work is done!

Remember, your finished product doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be functional. No one will maintain a system that is too hard to use! And no one will successfully use a system that isn’t clear. Labels make it easy for everyone to sort, and use the system!

Get creative! Use a bit of isolation time to print off some labels, or write your own…if your hand writing doesn’t look like mine!

Thanks for coming home!

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