Fighting with the Tupperware drawer!

Now, just to be clear for this post I am talking about true Tupperware, not the other types of plastic containers (though I, of course, have a ton of that too!).

Sorting the Tupperware has always been a problem in our house, mostly because I used to sell it…so I have a lot of it! And by that, I mean too much!! Some of it is great stuff that I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without, some of it is great for storage, and I admit, some of it, just adds to my clutter…but its Tupperware!!! I can’t just get rid of it!

The main thing is to find a way of organizing it so that it’s easy to use!!

My husband actually got on board with organizing, and sorted our “leftover storage” Tupperware containers. He found some other non-Tupperware containers to use for lid storage, then stacked up the containers we typically use when we have leftovers.

In the dining room, I use a cupboard to store other serving style Tupperware.

In the basement, I have the rest of it! The ominous mountain of it, if you will….

The main thing I would recommend, is to sort types of Tupperware or containers. Categorize them the way you use them. Put them in piles of “use regularly for leftovers”, “serving for parties”, “large pieces of Tupperware”, “cooking Tupperware”, etc. I find that when it is sorted this way first, then it becomes easier to decide how much of it to keep handy, or to store in deeper storage. When you’re sorting it also think about how often you use the pieces. You may as well keep an item that you use almost daily right in your kitchen! Or, keep something that you rarely use somewhere else so that you don’t waste prime real estate!! You will likely want the ones you use for leftovers handy because, really, who wants to scour their entire kitchen or house just to put away food they still have out!?!? Keep the drawer, cupboard or space easy to use and clutter free. It’s easiest to have a number of the same shape containers so you can stack them for more compact storage.

Look around your house and think outside the box, for when it comes to storing lids. For our drawer, my husband found the clear containers that I had been using in my freezer and they were the perfect height for the drawer! No more lost lids under the drawer, you know the ones, they get stuck as you pull out the drawer, you tug harder….then you hear it hit the floor, inside and behind the drawer!!!

I also use some old cd holders for some of my lids. It’s great for being able to grab and see the right lid!

I don’t have a before picture of our Tupperware drawer, but I tell you it was never as pretty as it is now! And I am very proud to report that it has maintained all of it’s beauty! I don’t know what we will do if we ever change containers!!!

What genius Tupperware storage tips do you have?

More on storing the rest of my Tupperware in a future post!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. This has always been a real problem spot. I’m inspired to find a lid storage box to line up my lids and prevent the whole lid frustration scenario.


    • I have always found lids to be a bigger problem than storing the containers. Often if the lid is with a container then you can’t stack the containers as nicely. Or if the lids are under the containers then the whole stack becomes less stable! Good luck with your lid storage box hunt!


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