Don’t get your ribbon in a knot!

If you are a crafter at all, then I might guess that you have some ribbon….or maybe even too much ribbon! I am not really sure when it all began, but I am a bit of a ribbon addict! Nothing beats a good deal on ribbon…well maybe a good deal on storage bins!

I use ribbon for my DIY holiday decor, or adding to wrapped gifts, or tying goodie bags. When I find a good deal I just can’t resist because you never know when you just might need that colour that’s on clearance!

For years, I have been trying to come up with a good system for ribbon. I have tried the small bin with holes in the walls for easy to pull out ribbon, I have tried a dowel or two hanging on the wall, I have tried multi-pant hangers, I have even tried specific ribbon boxes for purchase at most specialty craft stores. All of the systems are good for certain amounts or sizes of ribbon, but not great as a catch all for all of the variety of ribbons that a crafter could possibly own.

Recently I acquired an old shoe rack, one of the metal units with dowel like bars to hold the shoes on the rack. It was a little finnicky to get the ribbon on the dowels because I only unscrewed one end and then slid the ribbon on, but I am so excited with the results.

I also decided to take the shoe rack apart, so I have half of it for my gift closet and half of it for my craft room. I may only need one half rack for my entire ribbon stock! It feels great to know that I soon could have all of my ribbon in ONE place!!! I am still in the process of adding more ribbon, but so far I am happy with the test!

Now that I know it works, I have to sort it…maybe by colour!

If I have some space, I may even try to add a shelf or basket to one of the levels for gift tag or bow storage!

Do you have ribbon issues? How do you store yours?

Thanks for coming home!


  1. That’s a great way to see all of your ribbon. I use a basket but it is a pain to have to rummage through it to find a specific colour.
    Any tips on storing gift bags?


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