My Pasta cupboard

Back to the drawing board!!

I have been avoiding this cupboard for a long time now. Too long, judging by some of the expiry dates!!! The problem is that it is somewhat sorted so…do I really need to sort it again? Or can I live with it like this?

The truth is, some of the food has obviously been neglected…since 2017 for some of it!! AND its bugging me so it’s gotta get done!

Like I’ve said before, my process is always the same.

Here is my 5 step process:


Don’t leave anything at all on the shelf or in the cupboard. Pull out EVERY single thing!

2. Wipe it!

Wipe it out thoroughly! That way, you are truly starting fresh again.

3. Sort it!

Sort everything into groupings. If you have anything that doesn’t belong, remove it. If you are left with a pile of miscellaneous stuff, make the most of it. (Like my “use me first” bin in the after picture below)

4. Store it!

Then figure out how you will store it or what you will store it in. This is where so many people go out and buy new storage baskets etc. Why not use what you have for now, since you may find that using your new system doesn’t actually work. Then you have spent money for possibly no reason! Also, after using the system you’ll have a better idea of what size storage bin you need, and whether you want it clear or not.

5. Label it!!!!!!!!

Lastly, and always, once you are happy with the organization, label the bins/containers/shelves. That way anyone who opens the cupboard can find what they need too!

So here we go…the before and after.

Don’t forget to take the before and after pictures. It’s amazing how pulling everything out of the cupboard erases your memory of the horror of the before pic!

Thanks for coming home!

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