When procrastination is productive!

So, I am pretty certain that at some point in EVERY single person’s life, they will procrastinate doing SOMETHING! Everyone will have different things they procrastinate for, but at some point, everyone will do it.

I’m a blogger about decluttering and organizing, which is supposed to make your life simple and efficient! BUT, guess what? I still procrastinate! I had a plan for today’s post, but I didn’t like the way it was drafted. I knew that the deadline was today!

What am I going to write about??

Well, I decided that I would get up early. Sometimes I have better thoughts in the morning. I am sure I will be able to edit it, or add to it, or change it, or rewrite a new post pretty quickly. So my alarm went off….I turned it off and rolled over in bed….after some time of lying there I decided that I would actually wake up. Then I got right onto my phone (yes I even draft my posts on my phone!). Instead of signing in to my blog though, I decided that what I really needed to do, was revamp my fitness plan. I have been neglecting my workouts lately, and I definitely feel lazier when I don’t workout. So I planned out my next fitness goal and set little targets so that I could achieve success by the end of the month! Ok, so now onto my post…

BUT, now that the household is awake, there are more interruptions. I decided that I would deal with the family a bit and get the kids onto their summer workbooks (yes! We already started summer workbooks, and the kids are already done level 1 of 8! They make me proud), it would be one less thing to do later in the day.

In the back of my mind, as the kids are asking for their second breakfast, I know that I really need to go grocery shopping over the weekend. I decide to look through the flyers and see if there are any good deals on. But…as I start thinking about food, I know I have a couple more tomato plants to transplant into the garden, AND I have had a small amount of soil left in a big soil bag that I have been neglecting for a long time. I am also feeling like I have to finalize some meals to dehydrate (see my last post, Camping: The food).

Now I start to feel like I have to write stuff on paper! Too much to do!

So I start writing down a bit of a list of all the things that are still in my mind about what I need to do today. I start by writing, in all caps, BLOG!!! I have to really focus and get that done. But I also really suddenly HAVE to deal with that soil!

So I head out into the garden and start dealing with the soil, transplanting tomatoes, and planting some other things that I had also been neglecting, into the garden. As I come in to grab some of my small plantlings, I realize that I didn’t even finish putting lunch away. So then I put lunch away, and head straight back out to finish with the garden!

What a sense of relief! I dealt with all that soil! Now I can finally write my post….

I read over what I wrote before, yet again…I still don’t like it. Spoiler alert, it’s about organizing the car…I still have to organize the car! I can’t possibly share tips about something I am not actually living with. My car is messy, and disorganized, and has some receipts everywhere, I have work stuff in there, I still have some folding chairs in there from another outing…it’s just a mess….I don’t even know where to start….Cue….

Procrastination central!

In an effort NOT to write my blog post, AND not actually organize the car, I got a surprisingly large number little things done, that I really had no plan for when or how I was going to accomplish them!

  1. I set some great AND achievable fitness goals for the month
  2. I planned some meals for at home and added items to a grocery list
  3. I planned and decided what meals I would dehydrate next week for my camping trip
  4. I helped the kids with their workbooks
  5. I dealt with my garden transplants
  6. I KO’d that bag of garden soil (that has been weighing on me for what seems like ever!)
  7. We had a delicious lunch that I prepped, participated in eating, AND put away (eventually)
  8. I packed up my camping hammock so that I could go somewhere to test it out
  9. I checked my work emails, and dealt with a couple outstanding items
  10. AND….I wrote my blog post!!!

Seems like a pretty productive day! Especially considering all of my procrastination.

Sometimes, you just need to give yourself permission to be sort of scattered throughout the day. It’s amazing just how many little things you can get done in a short period of time, just because you’re trying to avoid doing something else!

So, to all us procrastinators out there, embrace it (sometimes)!

Thanks for coming home!

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