Christmas in July!

Ok, so no…I am not Christmas shopping yet…well that’s not true, I am always looking for gift ideas and hunting down the perfect thing….but, I am not decorating yet…so that’s a win, right?

I do start planning my “who to buy for” list. July is a great time because there are lots of shopping deals coming up. Amazon Prime Day, which I love because I can shop from the comfort of my couch; Back to school deals, everything from home goods, kitchen appliances and decor, to school supplies, toys and notebooks…even planners!! Black Friday is another great shopping opportunity!! As with any shopping, always know your prices to ensure you get the best deal!

My point is, that if you start your shopping list now, and of course adjust it as you buy stuff or come up with ideas for that particular person…then when December 15th comes along you are actually done and ready to enjoy the holidays! Oh ya, check out why December 15th is the day to shoot for, not the 25th in my post: Christmas comes early!

So basically, I just make a list of all the names of people I have to buy gifts for (including future teachers – remember the back to school sales??). Now when things go on sale, or the perfect thing comes along, I can either write down the idea and buy it later (but at least I know now what I am buying and can wait for a good deal) OR I can actually buy the item now and stash it in my gift closet!

Imagine finishing your Christmas shopping before December?

You might be thinking it’s impossible!

Have no fear, the impossible can be achieved with a bit of planning!

Giving yourself time to really think about gifts, gives you a gift giving edge that people will remember! I much prefer to buy a gift for someone than receive a gift from someone, because I really make the hunt about the person I am giving to!

The other great advantage about spreading out your Christmas shopping is that you don’t get hit with a big credit card bill in January, or you don’t need to have a lot of cash on hand come December.

I think the most obvious advantage to me is not actually shopping in December! I hate stores in December, not to mention people’s attitudes!! I would much rather play in the snow and drink hot chocolate!

Now, go and write your Christmas list! Don’t forget to check it twice!

Thanks for coming home!

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