Fit fitness into your life

One of the biggest areas that I struggle to make a priority in my life is fitness. I always want to be one of those people that just defaults to include fitness in their daily or weekly routine, like someone who really makes fitness a priority. I just am not naturally one of those people.

I find that I really need to consciously decide to add fitness into my routine. The problem with that? I am super creative when it comes to excuses for why I can’t work out at that moment.

I’ll wake up the kids or dog or husband if I sneak down to the workout space in the basement…

I have to buy more workout clothes because I don’t have something to wear during my workout…

I have to buy more workout gear because I don’t have the right equipment to do certain workouts, and obviously what I have already isn’t good enough (somehow!!)…

I was up a bit later last night, so I will just sleep instead of getting up…

I have to do my workout first thing in the morning, otherwise I just can’t fit it in…

I can’t workout in the evening, it will keep me awake too late…

I really do better with a workout in the gym…

It’s raining outside, otherwise I would go for a run…

I’ll just get this other stuff done, then I will do a workout for sure…

I need to keep the dog company, so I will have to workout later…

It’s so easy to find reasons NOT to workout!

I just don’t have that default setting of ensuring I add fitness to my day. YET, it’s actually so easy to squeeze it in without even really working up a sweat. I mean, obviously if you have a plan to lose weight or build muscle you will have to work harder, but if you just want to get a bit more energy out of your body for the day, there are some fun ways to do it!!

Stay fit this way:

Did you know that your Alexa device can run you through a seven minute workout, or some silly movement songs? You can also use your device to have Alexa play some of your favourite music, then just break out those dance moves!!

You can also use your fitness watch to help you. Set yourself a step goal, or a goal for how many times you climb the stairs in the day. Look at your watch often throughout the day to keep yourself on track. Use your watch to challenge your friends, see who gets the most steps in, or the most workouts!

Why not try taking away your desk chair and using a large workout ball instead. Or extend the legs on your desk table to make it a standing desk. Or get really crazy and set up your standing desk over a treadmill! That will keep you moving!

Taking your kids to the park? Why not walk around the park instead of sitting on the bench. Or just play on the swings, or get crazy and try doing some parkour. Kids old enough to go to the park on their own? Great! Give them some independence and use your time to workout!

Remove any limits that you put on your own workouts (like how I have told myself I need to do it in the morning). The real best time for a workout is ANYTIME! A finished workout is better than a promised workout.

Use your phone!! There are actually so many great fitness apps out there to build up your stamina with all kinds of workouts! Want to start walking for 20 minutes per day? There are apps that step you through building up to that or even longer walking times. Want to run a marathon, but you have never really been a runner? There are literally apps called couch to 5k, or 10k, or marathon train for beginners! Want to build muscle? Don’t have any weights at home, because before COVID you went to the gym, and then fitness gear became too expensive? Use soup cans, or just use your body weight! You can use apps for any workout you want!

The reality is, there are so many creative ways to come up with a way of getting a workout in, even if life gets busy. It really comes down to asking yourself what’s worth it, at any specific time through the day! Is it really worth it to sit on the couch? Or can you walk up and down the stairs, or even a single step, or do a lap of the house. Try talking to your family about your fitness routine (maybe they will want to participate too!).

Another way that I get motivated to exercise, is to sign up for crazy running races and obstacle courses! I mean, why not do something crazy to motivate you!?!

Fit in fitness to your life, it can change your day!!

Thanks for coming home!

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