Dreaming of back to school?

I actually am not!! Not yet at least. You may be shaking your head in disbelief but it’s really true! I love spending time with the kids. Its definitely more complicated to sort out the routines and keep up with the chores with them around, because summer typically has less structure for the kids, but just as much work for the parents!

But imagine the possibilities.

I love my kids, despite the times when they are trying to fight with each other, or when they are driving me crazy! When they start fighting, I usually use that as my cue to make them eat, or drink, or even bake! Siblings will be siblings! Anyone living in close quarters with another will start to fight. I have worked hard to help the kids find the fun in each other and accept the rifts they will inevitably cause for one another.

It’s not perfect, and there are definitely harder days than others. Kids are simply annoying at times. But they are young for such a short time. And right now, I love them wanting to spend time with me, or going on day trip adventures with me. I know that one day, I will be back to doing some of that adventuring on my own. It’s a natural change. For now, I am having (probably) more fun than they are!

One more month of summer left and now is a great time to reassess those summer bucket lists. Think about the things you have done so far and what is left to be done on the list. See if there is anything else to check off! Sometimes, when reviewing the list, things change. Start a new one if you need to. Just because it’s on a list does not mean it MUST happen.

The key is to prioritize fun!

The main point here is that sometimes, having kids, can actually make you feel like a kid again! Do the silly things they want you to do with them. Play the make-believe game (even though you have WAY better things to do with your time…like trim the grass with scissors!). Your kids will remember these seemingly long summers as little short blips of time. Each day doesn’t have to be epic, but doing little things with your kids here and there will be memorable!

So put aside some of your priorities, and embrace the fun and spontaneity of your kids.

Don’t have kids? Make your own bucket list. Why not try camping, renting a cottage, rent boating equipment like kayaks, or try paddle boarding. Not outdoorsy? Try a new boardgame, or video game, paint a picture but try a new type of canvas, make something with your hands, try a new restaurant, read a new book, look up touristy day trips in your surrounding area, you could even start blogging!

Whatever you decide to do, take some time off work, some time away from your responsibilities and just have fun!

Thanks for coming home!

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