Kid’s clothes, coats, shoes, boots…

How often do you buy your kids that brand new first day of school outfit? Then, over the next couple of days, they suddenly have outgrown EVERYTHING in their closet!!!

When the kids were small it was almost impossible to keep their closet from getting cluttered. I kept 3 or 4 different sizes of things simply because they grew too fast. I am happy that they are not outgrowing their things in a single season anymore. It allows me to reduce the sorting of their stuff to only once or twice a year instead of every couple of weeks!!

September is time to declutter their closet and shop for brand new stuff…

When it comes to kid’s clothes and accessories, I use that last week of the summer to sort through it all. I like to pull out their snow suits and double check their fit; sure things may change in another month or so, but at least you know! It will either get them through or you now know you need to buy. I have them try on winter boots, rain boots, we find gloves and hats in our winter box. I have them try on some pants (then I use those to asses the rest of their pants) then I do the same with shirts, sweaters, shorts, undies, even socks!

That way, I know anything in their closets will fit them – especially if they claim they have nothing to wear.

Anything that is too small for both of them, goes to a donate pile, or is given as hand-me-downs to friends.

If you’re frugal and know your prices, buying kid’s stuff doesn’t have to break the bank. When you go into a store or shop online, first check out the clearance or sale items. You may find excatly what you were looking for. If there are things you can get at a discount it’s well worth it!! If you’re not afraid of some second hand shopping, check out your local thrift shop. There are so many great finds to be had – sometimes even brand new, tags on, kind of items! It’s also worth checking out garage sales close by. The last couple weeks of the summer people are often on a mission to declutter so they can start fresh in September. Look out for signs or search places like facebook or kijij for posted garage sale ads.

To ensure your house doesn’t fill up too much keep in mind…

If you bring something in, send something out.

If you’re bringing in a bunch of new (or new to you) shoes, coats, clothes, whatever, don’t forget to actually get rid of some of the older, worn out, too small kind of clothes or accessories. You don’t want to accidentally start cluttering yourself in the process!

It’s worth going through some of your own wardrobe too, or that of your partner’s! A change of season makes it fun to wear different items, or pull out that old sweater – but maybe it’s starting to look a little sad. Check out your own clothing section in the thrift store! You never know what you could find!

Have fun getting your closets ready for fall!

Thanks for coming home!

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