Still chipping away…

The last time that you saw the garage it looked a little something like this…

We acquired some new shelves and, before we even put them up, I knew they would hold a lot more stuff than the black shelves along this wall. I have been eager to get them up and start really decluttering and organizing the garage. I do have that ongoing goal of getting AT LEAST one car in there for the winter!

We have been working hard over the last couple weeks and have finally set up the shelves, and picked up everything off the ground.

It’s amazing what a bit of hard work can accomplish…

We moved the black shelves out of the way, and we still have to take them apart. But we are SOOOO close! If we were desperate, we could actually just shuffle things around a bit and suddenly a car fits in!

BUT, I am not usually one of those “good enough” kind of people. We brought stuff up off the floor, but we didn’t go through it much yet. We took the time to sort like stuff together, and one of these days soon we will go through it and fill up those big black bins. To make it easy for even the kids, we will add nice huge labels!

When you are moving stuff around to deal with it quickly (rather than going through it in detail) the progress is fast and easy to see. But you really do need to go through it all. The longer you wait the harder it is, and the more you get accustomed to the mess of stuff. Even though it seems tidier, it’s still too hard to find everything.

The reality is, that it’s easy to move stuff around. The hard part, and the true satisfaction, comes from going through it with a fine toothed comb. It takes work, and decisions to truly go through it all. When that part is done, you can stand back and confidently look around knowing where everything is, and seeing where everything goes!

How fun is it to see some of your own hard work pay off? Try to always use that feeling to fuel your mental strength and push through getting rid of more stuff!

More work to be done. But exciting progress.

Thanks for coming home!

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