Emergency Dance Party!

Are the kids driving you crazy? Can’t stand to watch another episode of whatever on Netflix with your partner? Work got you down?

When life is just not going your way…

Just have an emergency dance party!

It may sound crazy, and obviously it’s not going to truly fix major problems, but honestly, it is SO FUN!!!!

These little disco balls are my absolute favourite! They are battery operated, magnetic, or come with some 3M stickers to place them in a more permanent place of your house…or wherever you may suddenly need to have a dance party. They are even small enough to fit in your pocket!! Because really…you never know when you’re going to need it!

FYI: I am not endorsed by Amazon, nor will I get any percent of the proceeds on sales

It is the ultimate sibling fight resolution in our house. Sometimes when the kids are just losing their minds on each other or about something they feel is unfair, we shout:

Emergency Dance Party!!!

We pick some dance music on our Alexa device, turn on the disco balls (yes, of course we have more than one!) and everyone breaks out in dance.

It’s also a great way to kick them off their screens!

It’s such a fun way to put a little spice and unpredictability into life. Why not turn it on while waiting for the water to boil on the stove? Put it on during that afternoon sleepy time and dance instead! Use it as a fun way to get a bit of fitness in your life!

Life is so serious! Sometimes you just gotta let loose!

Think of how much fun you can have with them. There are so many other options for small disco balls, or even larger ones with an integrated speaker. I personally love the little ones because it’s easy to move them from floor to floor, or even to a friend’s house. No need to pair anything through Bluetooth or your phone – they are sound activated and change the lights to the beat of the song.

Think about having some spontaneous fun this holiday season!

Thanks for coming home!

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