Family resolutions or goals

It’s one thing to think about our own personal goals or resolutions for the year, but what about the kids? Do you set any goals or resolutions for the kids? Do the kids set their own? Do they even think about the year in terms of goal setting opportunities?

I love encouraging our kids to set goals, and to have something to strive for. I think it’s great for them to see the process of thinking about the past year, and thinking about the year ahead. So many kids think mostly of what is happening in the next 15 minutes or on the weekend, not quite thinking of the whole next year!

I like to sit down with each one on their own and have a bit of a chit chat with them about the past year. I start by asking them about things they did that they liked, and times where they felt uncomfortable and maybe a bit afraid. It helps set up the planning time.

For the actual planning time, I like to bring up their own examples to see if there is something else they could do to handle situations differently. That way they learn that their outcomes are sometimes caused by their own reactions. It’s interesting to help them follow a self reflection journey! It’s amazing to see what they come up with, with only a bit of coaxing.

After everyone has made a couple goals for the year, we start to talk about the goals for the whole family. I love the idea of having one big goal, that the entire family is working towards together. Sometimes it takes a while to find some common ground on our family goals, but we usually get there.

After the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our homes, and working home offices, or kitchen tables, and with school in the home, or on the couch, we all agreed that this year….what we all really needed….was some alone time from each other. A happy space for each family member to retreat to. We will be shifting our stuff around to go from kids sharing a room to having their own room. We are working on a better home office/gaming space for my husband, and a better crafting space for me.

Helping our kids find ways to recharge on their own, or even teaching them that they need that time, will benefit them in their future. Finding happiness in your own personal space, is so important.

So, our phrase for the year is:

Happiness in solitude means happy togethers.

Do you create an overarching phrase or word for the year? It’s a great way to recenter and refocus throughout the year. Print it off in big letters and hang it somewhere, make it a space where everyone goes so that everyone can see it, and remember it throughout the year.

Happy family bonding time! (Hopefully not too much fighting time….)

Thanks for coming home!

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