I feel the need…The need to declutter!

So, my goal was to get the kids sleeping in their own rooms by the end of February!

Goal achieved!!

My secondary goal is to go through every tiny space and all of the stuff in the entire house and have the house ‘set’ by the end of March. By ‘set’ I mean, everything in it’s place, and no places like this…

It is a hefty goal (despite my being done early on my first goal). I feel like I am in this constant frenzy state of decluttering. No matter what room I am in, I am pulling out a bin and going through it to do the easy stuff like sorting the items to be with other like items, quickly scanning for things to donate, and trashing the trash and adding to the recycling bins.


It has left a bit of a wake through the house…

I am eager to get through the whole house on my rampage of dealing with all the clutter, and it’s making me go a little nuts. I literally cannot be in a room without thinking to myself, ‘Ok, what can I quickly do in here…’ So much so, that I could hardly focus to write this post. While writing I decluttered my desk, and three cubbies in the room. Hopefully this momentum continues. Maybe it’s because of the uncertainty during the pandemic about whether or not the kids will be home or at school, or maybe it’s just because now that the kids have their own rooms there is finally a spot to put some of their belongings. Either way, I hope my drive doesn’t stop until most of the house is where I want it.

I recognize that I will never have an ’empty’ house. I am just not that kind of person! I actually hate it when the rooms create an echo, but I do dream to strike a balance where everything that we own serves a purpose, and everyone has a spot to work on their hobbies, and where I feel like I can easily find anything I need (because of course, EVERYONE in the house will always return items to where they belong…).

Hey, a girl can dream right?…More clutter is calling me while I sit here…just gotta embrace the grind!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. It sounds like you are well on your way to fulfilling your dream. Give yourself a big pat on the back as you conquer each organized tidy space. It’s nice that you have the pictures to remind yourself how far you have come – especially on the days when it feels like there is still so much to do.


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