Pandemic, snow days, PA days, now March break?

Honestly, between all the days that the kids have been home, it’s a wonder that they have learned anything this year. I mean, they are always learning – but they have definitely been doing more of the kind of non-school learning topics…you know, learning about communication like, “why mommy or daddy can swear but you can’t”; or the being respectful of others like, “I don’t care how many times he won, you still can’t punch him”; or the importance of family bonding time, where everyone sits around on the couch snuggled up and staring blankly at personal devices kind of learning.

Life is crazy!

With March break coming up it’s no surprise that so many people are jumping on the travel bandwagon! Everyone wants to escape the monotony of whatever we call this life we are currently living! It seems, in this technology age, impossible to get the kids away from their screens and doing ANYTHING else!

Whenever there is an extended break from school, like March break, I try to talk to the kids a number of weeks before the break about non-screen things we could do or try during the break. I like to get them thinking long ahead of the break for a couple reasons…first, it gives them time to decide what they may really WANT to do; second, it gives their brains a chance to acclimatize to the idea that screens will not take over for the break; and finally, it gives me a chance to prep myself (even mentally) for a couple of fun outings or activities that the kids will actually be engaged for.

It’s amazing how a bit of thinking ahead, makes the difference between “yay, the kids don’t have school, now we can enjoy” and “ugh! The kids are home again! Now what?”

I love letting the kid’s imaginations direct some of our family fun!

You don’t even need kids to do this!

Got some vacation time coming up? Think about some things you want to do during that time off, rather than letting it sneak up on you, then sitting around because you don’t really know what to do with the time. There’s always too much ‘adulting’ to do, but it’s also important to find some fun memory makers to do too!

Why not make the most of a break!

Thanks for coming home!

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