Declutter your time!

Ever feel like there is never enough time in the day? Like you are always catching up? Like you need an extra day in every week?

What would you really do with that extra day? Do you know where all your time is going now??

When you feel like you are struggling to get things done in your day (let alone do things you truly enjoy) it’s time to start checking in on yourself and hold yourself accountable to your time.

There are days or sometimes weeks that go by where I am on top of it all. I am running loads of laundry while cleaning toilets before work, doing kids activities after school, and even making fancy dinners…MID-WEEK! I know, its amazing right?! BUT…There are also some days or sometimes weeks that I am just dragging my but from a couch to a chair only to realize I have no plan for dinner, one of the kids dribbled pee on the toilet seat AND we are out of milk!! How can that be!

When I start having a bad week, or I’m into week #2 of bad weeks, I start to carry around a timer with me. Not a timer where I set it and whip my but into doing something for 10-15 minutes (though it is one of my favourite productivity boosters!)…no…

This timer is to track my time.

Knowing how or what you are spending your time on can help in figuring out how to turn it around. It can also help you more accurately plan your week to let yourself set aside time for some of these things – IF they are really helpful to you and you enjoy doing them. If knowing that I just spent 28 minutes playing a game on my phone, then another 53 minutes chatting with a friend, 47 minutes picking out a recipe, then 22 minutes after dropping off the kids to socialize with other parents. Whatever it is – tracking it means you are acutely aware of it.

It’s kind of like tracking your food if you are trying to cut calories. Tracking it, means it’s on paper – or at least you are more aware of it. Would I rather track that I ate a carrot and some pepper with hummus? Or that I ate a butter-tart and some chips…? Same goes for life! Would I rather track that I decluttered a small section of the house, or that I cleaned the toilets OR that I sat on my phone watching YouTube for an hour, or watched 3 shows on Netflix…

Sometimes you need a mental break – so I am talking mostly about when it is a pattern and how to break the pattern. Trust me, everyone deserves to have some mental down time!

BUT…if you’re frustrated about not getting things done, or if you feel behind and it’s affecting your mood – then it’s worth keeping a closer eye on your time.

After a couple of days of tracking my time, I am always inspired to be more productive!

Speaking of time, looks like bedtime for me!

Thanks for coming home!

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