Declutter your life. Fitness edition!

There are literally millions of options when it comes to fitness. You could be a hardcore gymgoer and go to the gym five days a week. You could be a walker, maybe you walk 10K per day, or manage your steps. You could be into army or ninja training and do crazy warrior obstacle courses. Or you could just be not very motivated to work out at all! There are way more in between options but suffice it to say you just have to find the motivation to do whatever activity it is you do.

Sometimes, when you are not motivated and share that lack of motivation with others – miracles can happen…

The other day, I was talking to my youngest, and sharing how I don’t feel as physically fit as I once did. He could recall waking up in the morning and hunting me down (to meet his every demand!) and finding me in the basement in my workout area sweating my butt off! He agreed that it has been a while since he found me there. As Mother’s Day rolled around, he decided to make me something “special”. He kept himself busy in his room for a very long time, then came downstairs and found me to give me this “special” thing he had been working on.

It’s hard to tell what it is, so let me share a bit…

It’s a workout die!

One of his magazines had a ‘cut-out cube’ project with blank spaces on every face of the cube for you to customize it. Well, he made me a workout die so that he and I could do our workouts together and use the die to help choose the workout! Sometimes kids just know what the perfect thing to give is. From anyone else, I may have taken it personally, but with kids – they just have your best interest at heart (not that other people don’t, but it’s somehow just different from a kid).

So let me fill you in on our workouts now – it is pretty…awesome?…I guess…Here’s what’s on the die:

5 squats (ok, this is doable!)
17 push ups (don’t know why he picked 17!!)
17 sit ups (it must be a magic number!)
20 push ups with one arm (umm…no…lol)
Skip for 1 minute (1 min is actually a long time!)
Running on the spot for 1 minute (this is another manageable one!)

Then we roll it 5 times each! 🤨

Pretty intense if you ask me!! It’s pretty epic to watch him struggle with even a single one arm push up, but he does it. AND he tries through all 20! How can I not try it too!!??

My main point is that it takes nothing to get a bit of fitness into your day. Gyms are open again, the weather is finally beautiful for a morning or evening walk or run, there’s a breeze in the shade for outside yoga, or carrying around heavy buckets of water, or you could just do some good old yard work!

Whether you are struggling for the motivation, or you can’t go a day without getting in a good workout, there is always something you can do. Just don’t think about it too much. Talk about it with others – you may find they are struggling too, and that what you really need may be a workout buddy to keep you accountable to your own goals!

Fitness really is great medicine!

Thanks for coming home!


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