Playing hooky!

Because sometimes you just need to take a day off! I mean who doesn’t need a day every now and then to skip out of life and do something spontaneously crazy and fun.

Let the soul live a little!

It doesn’t have to be super crazy, but why not do something out of the ordinary from time to time.

Hit up an amusement park with kids, skip town to see an old friend, or just simply have a ladies lunch and convince your friends to play hooky too!! There are so many ways to just kick back. Walk to a far away ice cream parlour, go on a tourist adventure in your own town, or pop in to every donut shop in town and taste test them to see which place has the best ones! Try to think outside the box, or challenge friends to see who has the best hooky idea!

What would you do with the freedom of a whole day??

Thanks for coming home!

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