The best cleaning lady is your friend!

Ok, so…NO! Your friend is not actually cleaning your house!! (Well, unless she is actually a cleaning lady, and you’re paying her to clean – but anyhoo…)

Sometimes having a friend over last minute can lead to the best and most efficient cleaning of your own house!

How many times have you had a friend call/msg you to say they are nearby and they want to pop in for a visit! Excitedly you say yes, then you stop and look around your house in dismay…

Oh no! It’s a mess!

So you rush around the house in the next 15 minutes or less, and somehow magically clean and tidy at triple speed and manage to make the house look mostly presentable!

You don’t actually need a cleaning lady…you just need a random friend over once a week to keep your house in line!

It seems kind of crazy just how productive you can be when you feel like you need to be.

Next time you feel overwhelmed with the house – invite a friend or two over, and watch your own magic take hold! Suddenly those clutter corners can be efficiently dealt with – despite having had them stagnate on the counter for a week or more.

Thanks for coming home!

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