Kick the Clutter for Summer; Challenge #1

So, I have decided that June is a time for decluttering – who am I kidding? It’s an ongoing process. BUT…June has a few things going for it!

If you have kids – they are still in school for a little longer, why not take advantage of it by zoning in on your clutter hot spots! Also, it is just about summer, which means summer break and the kids being home all day long every day – why not tackle some of those clutter areas before they get too far out of hand.

If you don’t have kids – use the time to tackle those clutter zones so that you can entertain to your heart’s content or enjoy coming home from being out or away knowing that you have already put some dedicated time into tidying up!

No matter what, it always feels great to walk into your house knowing that things are placed where they belong – not ad hoc around the whole house!

So, the challenge for this week is…

Declutter the entryway!

You heard me! Go through any drawer, shelf, or closet at the front door! Get rid of those winter things (if you haven’t already!) Get rid of extra shoes, boots or coats. Go through old kid’s gloves, toss the ones that have holes!! Go through any papers that have built up at the doorway. Go through any coupons – if you keep those by the door. Why not make a spot to keep your sunscreen handy – tis the season for that! And bug spray maybe. Go through the front hall closet.

As you go through your stuff try to be as thorough as possible. If you can make time for it, pull out everything!! Do a quick wipe clean and dusting before putting the stuff you want to keep back into place. Don’t forget that when you’re done, take your stuff to donate or garbage right away to ensure the job is done fully! No one needs a half job done!

Add a little finishing touch with a scent! Use a diffuser, a candle, or anything else you love to use to add a scent to the front entrance way. It’s a great way to have the house feel clean and welcoming when you get home from wherever you are.

Kick the clutter with a new challenge every Friday through June. Stay tuned!

Thanks for coming home!

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