Kick the Clutter for Summer; Challenge #2

Time to take on the kitchen!!

Pull out food, go through cupboards, examine dishes and cups, examine your water bottles – even test them to see if they leak!

Go through BBQ tools, and outdoor dishes! Look through any pitchers, and trays you might need for backyard entertaining!

If you’re feeling overly ambitious, try going through your freezer and write down your inventory so that you know what you have in there during the summer.

Go through any snack cupboards and sort through the food to get rid of anything that’s expired.

My kids have ‘treat’ bins where they keep candy they receive at various holidays – I like to sort through it with the kids and pull out anything they won’t pick out when it’s treat time.

If you have any random kitchen gadgets or utensils that you haven’t used in a while, ask yourself if you really need it!

You may not be able to do it all in one day so start small. Start in one corner and just work your way around from cupboard to cupboard or drawer to drawer. It will feel so good when it’s done!!

Make your kitchen ready for summertime gatherings!!

Thanks for coming home!

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