Summer flies!

Not actual flies that are around during the summer…but I mean time flies by so fast! Especially in the summer, and especially with kids!

To get the most out of the summer it’s not just about bucket lists and lists of things you want to do or achieve. It’s also about prioritizing those things!

When it comes to planning your summer be sure to remember to actually schedule those priorities onto the calendar.

Maybe actual days of the week will be too hard to plan due to weather dependent activities but if you can pick certain weeks that certain activities will happen then they become the priority for those weeks. That way, those activities that are important to you do in fact get to happen! Not planning for them means the activities might not happen!

As Stephen Covey says, “the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities!”

Have fun prioritizing your plans!

Thanks for coming home!

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