Declutter your life; The female edition.

Ok men, this might be a post worth skipping. You’re going to get a bit of TMI!

This post is for all the ladies who have to deal with the annoyance of their periods on a monthly basis.

All the supplies take up a surprisingly large amount of space! Then, after kids, you may need to store a variety of sizes of everything to accommodate any changes in flow!

To be frugal with your purchases you may be looking at flyers all the time seeking out some good deals – I mean, you have to buy this stuff anyway, you might as well get it on sale!!

I love the miracles of our bodies and what they can go through…BUT, if I could easily get rid of my period without significant trauma to my body, I would!

My tolerance of dealing with my period changed completely when I decided to invest in a menstrual cup. I have to be honest…

I will never go back to tampons and pads!!

I did so much reading about the cups before I finally decided to give it a try. I was definitely in the camp of “too icky for me, thanks!” It took me almost 6 months of reading about them before I caved.

I have since donated and spread out all of my previous stash of supplies to my friends who have not bought into the cup yet. AND, I have reorganized the few supplies I still keep on hand for the ‘just in case’ or the ‘what if visitors need anything’ situations.

Also, it has revolutionized my summers with cottaging or camping, basically just being out and about.

Dealing with my period is 1000x easier now!

If you’ve been pondering the change for a while, then I highly recommend just doing it! Just go out and get one. Give it a couple cycles to get used to and I swear, you will feel like a new woman!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it! Menstrual cups!

It’s totally worth the cost savings in your wallet, in your storage space, and in your time and energy!

Enjoy the feeling of freedom!

Thanks for coming home!


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