The mysterious magic of white boards

Ok, so I love white boards, and white board markers. I used to keep magnetic note pads on the fridge to jot things down, but I don’t always remember where I put the little bits of papers after I tear them from the pad. Also, they so frequently end up in recycling whether they are meant for that destination yet or not. It’s so much easier for me to jot down little reminders and to do lists on my white boards.

But sometimes…

They get a bit erased – I think/hope by accident! (but sometimes it’s hard to know for sure). It’s one of the biggest challenges with ‘dry erase’ markers. Have you ever heard of ‘wet erase’ markers??

The beauty of wet erase markers is that you need to use a bit of dampness or a bit of water to actually erase the ink from the white board. So, when I pull my finger across the white board with dry vs wet erase markers, the wet erase marker ink actually stays put! It keeps my lists and reminders in place for those…umm…accidental brush ups against the white board.

If you are a white board writer like I am, and if you have sneaky kids, or if you find your white board half erasing itself from time to time, it may be time to change the markers.

Sometimes the wet erase markers can leave a bit more residue of colour behind, or at least need more scrubbing than the dry erase ones. I find Lysol works very well to refresh your white boards from time to time.

Now you can rest easy knowing that your reminders or lists will still be on the white board when you need them!

Thanks for coming home!

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