Creating clutter solutions

Clutter is truly a part of life! Whether you’re a minimalist or a hoarder or anything in between. Everyone at some point has a relationship with clutter, good or bad!

So plan for it!

Create solutions for how you can help yourself deal with clutter in a maintenance type of way. I mean you store things that you need access to, why not plan to store things that you want to get rid of? That may seem backwards but stick with me…

Create a bin, drawer, shelf whatever you have space for. Use it for storing things you’re selling online or build up stuff for a trip to a donation center.

Make it a space where everyone in the house can use it easily. Also make sure that everyone knows when donation day is. Plan on taking a load regularly so that you don’t build up your clutter here! Make it a routine trip, try going once a week or two. Go at least once a month – that way it keeps your stuff cycling!

It’s fun to create organized spaces for the stuff you want to keep, so why not make an organized space for the stuff heading out the door? You could even try putting some Amazon boxes to good use!!

Thanks for coming home!

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