Just get rid of it!

If you are debating whether or not to get rid of something or keep it, chances are, you have already decided that you no longer need whatever it is! You are probably trying to come up with a reason to keep it, rather than just realizing you have already decided you don’t need it!

Thinking back to before The Purge, Part 1, I realize that I was stuck in this mindset that everything has value and purpose.

The truth is, NOT everything has value and purpose!

I mean how can it? I have things that I love, like, need to live with, want to live without, things I don’t need, and even things that are just a waste of my space! If I think of my things in this way, then why do I have any of the stuff I don’t need or the things that are a waste of my space. AND, if I think about the stuff I want to live without, why am I living with it?? Even the stuff I like…Do I like it enough to keep it? Enough to have it taking up space in my house?? Maybe not! It proves that not everything is serving me purpose or providing value to my life!

Getting rid of stuff really and truly comes down to choosing the stuff you love most, and getting rid of the rest.

It’s that simple!

The emotion that goes along with getting rid of the stuff you don’t love comes down to a matter of choice. If it’s a real struggle to get rid of it (emotionally), use it, or put it on display somewhere! If you don’t even want to put it on display – then maybe re-ask yourself why you want to keep it.

OR thinking about the stuff that you love or like, ask yourself if you love or like it enough to clean it! If you love it enough to keep it clean then you will enjoy cleaning it and ensure the space it takes up is neat and tidy!

So try to encourage everyone in the house to keep only their most beloved items! Watch your house transform as you do! Our house isn’t where I want it to be yet. But I can see little pockets of spaces that are great as we really clear out all the excess and keep only a few special things. I have noticed even the kids are now wanting to put their favourite things on display in their rooms instead of tucked away in a drawer! It’s so fun to see them making decisions about their belongings and find out truly what is important to them.

Have fun showing off your prized possessions!

Thanks for coming home!

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