Holiday overachiever challenge: Photos, Santa letters, wardrobes, and booze!

Throughout November, I am giving you overachiever challenges to help you be prepared and get ready for whatever life unfolds between now and the holidays! If you follow these challenges, you are sure to be ready right on time! (For December 15th that is; Christmas comes early! is a post about my simple deadline system for making Christmas WAY less stressful)


Now is the time to get your family photos done! Especially if you are getting them printed for cards! If you are emailing, or using social media to share your holiday photos, it’s still easier to get it done now! Getting your photos done now gives you lots of options for whatever method you prefer to send out your family holiday cheer. It’s especially key to reach out to your photographer if you are using a professional for your shots – they book up fast this time of year! OR if you are sick of seeing all the perfect family photos – why not take yours to the next level and think up a quirky pose, or funny photo instead! Take one of your pets, instead of your kids! Use your imagination this Christmas and send out something unique to add some holiday spirit to your friends and family!

Santa letters

Time creeps up so fast! We often have opportunities to drop off our Santa letters at a variety of Christmas events, even in NOVEMBER! That means, we gotta think now about what to write in the Santa letters. In case you didn’t know, in Canada, you can send Santa a letter to the North Pole and he will write back! Just be sure to add a return address!! Also be aware of the deadline, this year it’s December 9th, 2022 if you want a reply before Christmas.

Santa’s Address:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0


Oh golly! Here’s a good one to prep early! Plan, or at least spend some time deciding what clothes from your closet you like well enough to wear to a fancy holiday event, or a family Christmas event, even kid’s school events! Try a few things on and be sure you like the way it fits! If you need to do some clothes shopping, there is still time to do it without too much stress about a pressing event! Holiday parties are getting booked earlier and earlier it seems so that people don’t get double booked, but that means they can creep up before you’ve had a chance to think about what you could wear! Don’t get caught with last minute pricey shopping and plan early. It’s worth it to feel amazing at whatever the event is!


For the real alcohol I always like to stock up on some seasonal favourites. Check out your local liquor store for some specialty flavours for the holidays. I love having seasonal options for spiking my coffee! I also try to grab a couple extra bottles of wine – they are great as hostess gifts, or for cracking open for parties or unexpected guests.

The holidays can be tough when it comes to alcohol, but just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean every party needs to be about the booze! I mean, I love a good spiked egg nog, but that doesn’t make it a necessity! There are so many different mocktails you could make instead! The number of bubbly water drinks on the market these days is great for entertaining. It provides that carbonated hit without all the sugar! You could also get some fancy hot chocolates or teas. If you want to stick with something cold, keep it simple with a few key ingredients: 1) Some sort of clear carbonated drink – anything from sprite, ginger ale to bubbly water even to tonic or club soda! 2) Your favourite type of juice – Orange, pineapple, cranberry or even apple cider! 3) Add some fresh fruit or berries as garnish! Seems fancy AND no need for alcohol!

Stay tuned for my next challenge: Food, Decor and Gifts!

Thanks for coming home!


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