Do what you can to make your space beautiful!

Finding a way to organize your space is great, but what if you don’t really like the stuff you’re organizing? Decluttering is fantastic, but be sure to keep only the stuff you REALLY love. Take the stuff you love and find a way to show it off!

Make your space beautiful!

If you have the means, buy little things that make you feel beautiful! Not clothing and make-up, I am talking about your stuff, even writing down some of your daily tasks with a fancy pen or new notepads can make you feel beautiful!

I have this secretary desk that I use for writing/typing, family planning, household management etc. You know, all the office/administrative stuff that goes with having a family and owning a home and, like, being human! Anyhoo…the moral of the story is that I love this desk, I love this little alcove that I have created for myself. AND, I found it for 20$ from someone online!!

But, often, I am working in a rush, so when I am done working, I sometimes leave it open – I guess because that 2 seconds of time it takes to actually close up the desk will make me late for whatever!!! Leaving it open though, often leads to….a bit…of a disaster!!

Then, of course, I have no desire to sit at my beautiful desk! I have no desire to plan fun family things to do, I don’t want to spend any time sitting there writing, and I don’t want to sit there to do any other creative hobbies. SO, I have to use some time to sort through it which can be rather tedious. I only dump stuff at my desk that I know no one in the house will deal with. The sentimental things, the cards, or drawings from the kids with cute notes, the lovely meaningful birthday cards, or the things that don’t even have a home yet – so then really I need to go through it in more detail than I often make time for. I want to bang out dealing with the stuff in a 10 minute window, but then I just move piles around rather than dealing with the stuff once and for all. Well, the time has come! I need to devote more time to it.

I need to really ‘pretty it up’!

It’s one thing to organize a space, and declutter it and make it simple. It’s another thing to really make it beautiful! Plus, not everyone in the house will appreciate the beauty that I see! But this desk space is mine. AND, I don’t know about you, but when I create a beautiful space that really makes my heart warm, I am much more likely to keep it that way! Make your space sing to you! If you have the money buy a few things to take it over the edge and make it really beautiful for yourself.

As you declutter a space, or as you plan on decluttering your house, plan for a “pretty budget”! Plan to spend at least a bit of money on one, or even a few things that really make your space beautiful to you! It doesn’t matter if no one else appreciates it, you will! Get yourself a pretty new storage bin, or some fancy labels, or even a snazzy coffee mug, or new pen. Whatever it is make sure it still serves a functional purpose, AND makes you feel like somehow the world is a prettier place because of whatever it is! Making your space beautiful for you can make all the difference between keeping your space clutter free and maintain it’s beauty.

Now, excuse me while I fill out my “daily to do” for today.

And you can go add a bit of beauty to your space!

Thanks for coming home!

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