Entertaining by planning the platter

Here’s a quick tip for holiday entertaining! Plan the platter by categories rather than the actual platter.

If you do a lot of entertaining over the holidays then now might be a good time to do a bit of an inventory of the food in your house, or the food you bought for entertaining. I love having a bunch of foods to create quick meat and cheese platters. Generally everyone can find something they’ll eat on the platter and it’s pretty quick and easy to put together. But sometimes I forget what fancy cheeses I bought, or specific crackers to add!

To make it easier I write down a list of the meats, cheeses, or extras to add to the platter. Or I will make a list of appetizers that I have in the freezer (either made in advance or purchased from the store), or even cookies that are ready to add to a platter. It saves time and pressure on the day, or if people show up unexpected!

For now, I take a weekly planner and convert it to my own headings – I know, super fancy right!? Well it works!

Breaking down your list in categories this way works well for leaving room for either changing your mind, or putting together a last minute platter based on the time of the day. You may not want to serve sweets at 10am, but putting out some fruit and yogurt let’s say, may go over better.

I am all about planning for flexibility!

Anything to take some of the thinking out of entertaining is great, because then you can spend more time enjoying your friends rather than trying to remember what you were going to serve!

Thanks for coming home!

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