What’s your 2023 word of the year?

Every year I try to think of one word that will become my central word or mantra for the upcoming year. I could come up with a few, but I try to really hone in on one main word. That single word helps when I am making small decisions throughout the year.

Last year my word was relationships; after COVID, I really wanted to improve some of the relationships and friendships that had to take a backseat. I used the word to help me when making plans. Deciding whether to stay in or see friends, it’s nice to have one single word to think about during the year to help me remember my goals and stay on track!

So, my big word for 2023 will be…


I will use it with everything I do. Focus on a single task, focus on fitness, focus on health. Everything I do requires a little more focus. I seem to have been full of distractions from all of my goals last year. So now, for 2023 it’s simply, focus!

As a mom, a wife and a home owner it’s easy to get distracted or start multiple projects at once, or even leave projects unfinished!

So this year will be about, focus.

Find your word of the year and use it to help recentre yourself. Align yourself with your word of the year as often as possible. Even multiple times per day!! Use it to guide you in moments of frustration or indecision. Put it by your bathroom sink, mount it on a magnet for the fridge, write it on your white boards, even post it somewhere in your car. Let it be your guiding word whenever you need to think about what it is you really want this year!

What will your word be for 2023?

Thanks for coming home!


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