Take out the take outs!

If you’re a big fan of ordering take out, you may find that you have a few, umm, ‘extra pieces’ laying around your kitchen or hiding in your drawers.

Go on a hunt around your kitchen for anything related to ordering in.

Think chopsticks, cutlery, straws, little sauce packets, even take out containers!

Toss it all!

If you keep all the little accessories because you actually “hope” to use them one day, make it one day soon! Leave the take out ‘extras’ on the counter for a bit. If you are bringing a lunch to work or packing school lunches, look at your take out stash and be sure to pack at least one item! That way you can work through the pile.

If you love to reuse the containers then spend some time examining them. Make sure you have both the bottom and the top, make sure it seals, make sure there are no cracks, OR just get rid of them!

Anything you will not use, TOSS it!

Another way you can clear out the take out stuff is by going through any coupons or old menus you have; especially if you keep them stuck on the fridge! Toss expired ones, and add the non-expired ones (that you will ACTUALLY use) to your purse or car! You’re way more likely to want to get food while you’re out, so having them stuck on your fridge at home, might lead to expired coupons.

You may be surprised to see how much space is freed up after taking out the take out stuff! Even just the tidiness of the fridge could have a huge impact!!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I did this today. I found 4 cutlery packs laying around. I opened each one and put the parts we’ll use of each one away & tossed all the tiny wooden spoons which we won’t use.
    I’m trying to stop the cutlery packs when I see them getting put in but I will unpack any I miss straight away from now on


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