Why not treat yourself like a kid?

Moms have this tendency to look after others. Typically, we do this very well. We look after our own kids, sometimes other people’s kids, and even sometimes our parents or spouses.

When the kids are young, we do all kinds of things to make sure that their needs are met. We even learn tiny differences in their cries to help us predict what they truly need, whether it’s food, a diaper change, snuggles, or sleep.

The kids get a bit older, and we still look after their needs. We pack snacks when we know they will get hungry while we’re out, we dress them to the weather with snow pants, rain suits, or hats and sunscreen. We even help them find friends by taking them to local parent and tot events.

They get older still, and we help them by serving them healthy meals and snacks. We start helping them find interests by exposing them to a variety of sports, or music classes, or whatever else we think they will enjoy because again, as a parent, we are so in tune with what they might like or find interesting! We encourage them to read or get creative if they’re bored. We limit things that aren’t good for them, like screentime and sugar, and we encourage them to get physical activity – every day!

It seems relatively easy or logical to look after kids’ needs.

So, why is it so hard to do it for ourselves?

I mean, if we really stop and think about it, why can’t we make sure our needs are met, or why can’t we be as in tune to what we need. Why don’t we think about indulging in our own interests or even discovering new interests. Why not serve ourselves a healthy meal instead of reaching for what’s easy or packing a healthy snack for while we’re out. Why do we have a tendency not to reach out to others to seek or make new friends. Why don’t we limit our own screen time, or set aside time for reading, or ensure that we get some physical activity every day?

I know life gets busy, and we are split between a million priorities. But, looking after our kids and making sure they are growing to be healthy, well rounded humans should really be a priority for, not only our kids, but for ourselves too!

Next time you catch yourself doing anything, think about what you would say to your child if you caught them doing the same thing! Use that line of thinking on yourself. See your reaction. Maybe you become the rebellious child, and continue happily doing what you’re doing, or maybe you become the rule follower and you change what you’re doing, either way, it will make you think twice.

If we cared about ourselves and our health and wellbeing the way we care about it for our kids, I am sure we would all be better people.

Thanks for coming home!

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