The ‘do not buy’ list

No matter how much shopping you do, or whether it’s in person or online, I know you will come across deals that are just too good to pass up!

Everyone loves a good bargain! BUT, are you buying it because it’s a good bargain? Or are you buying it because it adds to the other ten like items you already have at home, but this one is a different colour?? Or are you buying it because it’s something you were going to buy anyway, AND it’s also a bargain?

Know your needs, and enjoy your wants.

I love thrifting, and even more so, I love a good bargain or discount store. I have noticed, though, that I tend to gravitate towards buying similar items almost each time. I just don’t think I really need any more planners!! It’s so hard for me to pass on them when they are dirt cheap and beautiful! It is, after all, an item I will actually use one day!

After I bought yet another planner, I decided that I needed a ‘do not buy’ list.

I have created some rules for the items on my list, so I thought I would share them with you. I hope it helps you get good bargains and a little less clutter!

Do not buy – yet another multiple.

EVEN if it’s a prettier colour! If you’re trying to talk yourself into buying something you already have multiples of at home, instead ask yourself where you will keep it, or if you will even get a chance to use it in the next six months, or a year. Be realistic with yourself, AND be realistic about your storage space. If you really NEED the other colour, or whatever other slight variation the new one has from what you have, then sell or donate one from home. Remember, if you have nowhere to put it, it doesn’t matter what the price is. It’s still adding clutter to your life, not value. As a side note, these multiple items are the items I am splurging on for myself or repeat things for the kids, I do make exceptions for gifts, especially classroom gifts, hostess gifts, or random gifts I can pick from in a pinch.

Do not buy – mystery items.

If you don’t know what the item is, it’s not worth getting. If you’re not able or willing to take the time to figure out what the item is, or if it would actually be helpful in your life, then just don’t buy it. You will likely end up donating it or trashing it, and both options create a lot of waste. If you have the time, then use it to investigate the item in more detail so that you know if it’s worth you buying it.

Do not buy – something that’s overpriced.

Set your limits. Know your prices. The better understanding you have of the prices for items you actually need, the more you will be able to recognize a good deal. Set your base price, and remind yourself to never buy a certain item if the cost is greater than whatever amount you come up with. Stick to it! You will either find it or something like it at the price you are willing to spend, eventually.

Again, I love a great deal! But, I also love the stuff that I have from those great deals. It’s time to embrace the stuff I own and wait for another day to replace it with something new.

The hunt of a great bargain can become addictive, so it’s a good idea to set yourself some limits before you come out of another store with mostly the same items you already own.

Thanks for coming home!


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