Kick the clutter for May

Though the spring weather makes us want to get outside, it’s also a great time of year to work on our basements!

Often, we overwinter some of our stuff by bringing it inside to the basement. We bring in the things we want to protect from some of the harsher colder weather. In the spring, we need to transition that stuff back to the other storage spaces like the garage, or shed, or even just to move it back outside. After working so hard in the garage last month, I bet you actually have room to move the stuff back out there, am I right??

Basements can be such a tricky space to use, but on the hot days of summer, they can be a wonderful retreat from the heat. Having a good living space or at least functional space in the basement adds a whole other space to the day – which, if you’re a mom, you know sometimes the kids just need to see different walls or hang out with different toys for a bit, and it can completely change the day!!

Cleaning up and decluttering your basement can make summer go by more smoothly. Our basement stays fairly cool. After some time outside in the warm yet not quite HOT mornings, it’s great to come inside for a movie and then head back outside again after the peak heat of the day dissipates. It can also be a great space to break up the day with some games or hobbies. My favourite use for our cool basement on the hot, humid days is using it for a workout without overheating too much in the sun!

I give you, my top 5 list of how you can get a better handle on your basement!

  1. Go through everything in the basement in detail. The basement easily becomes a dumping zone for things that don’t belong elsewhere, which means that the clutter can easily take over! Dig out closets or spare bedrooms. Pull out boxes that you haven’t opened in years. Really go through EVERY space in the basement – no matter how long ago you were “just looking through it”!
  2. Get rid of large pieces of furniture that are no longer useful. It’s amazing just how much space is taken up with furniture! If you are done with a certain piece, then move on! Sell it, post it for free, put it at the curb, or even reach out to a donation center to request a pickup! Just get rid of it! You will love having the space more than the furniture that you are already done with!!
  3. Create a seasonal zone – keep your winter gear, like snow pants etc. hanging in the basement so that it’s out of the way of the main closet. You can instead use the main closet for sports uniforms or other quick access items you need during the summer.
  4. Get rid of those “just in case” items. Sure, they may come in handy one day, but be critical about why you’re keeping it and how much it would cost to get another one if need be. Ask yourself what is more worth it and how keeping it or getting rid of it would change your space and your attitude in the space!
  5. Lastly, label any and ALL bins! Make sure to have as much detail as you can for each bin. If you have any keepsake bins, make sure they are labeled with at least some detail about the stuff or even the value of certain items. You never know when that will come in handy! If you feel like you need to know more than you can fit on a label, then create a document on your computer, or use your phone to help with more details than the main label. Just make sure that if there is a box or bin with anything in it, it needs a label!

Good luck with the basement month!

What are your fav basement uses? What genius storage tricks do you have for your basement? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for coming home!

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