Making recipes of my recipes…

I find that the more prepping for the freezer I do with my meals, the more I need a second recipe for my recipes! It’s kind of a pain, but it does make the process of prepping my meals WAY easier.

Make a FREEZER version of your freezer friendly recipes.

You can either write yours out on a recipe card or store it in your phone. Having a more condensed version makes it easier for even the kids to help me with my meal prep!

I find it hard to remember if I actually added all of my ingredients to my freezer meal assembly when it comes time to actually serve the meal. Sometimes I don’t have a certain item or ingredient but I still want to put my meals together. With a freezer version of the recipe, I can focus on only the ingredients and prep for the freezer part, rather than mixing up the ingredients I don’t want to freeze. I then adjust the label on the freezer bag to say “add whatever other ingredients” ( I list them all out on the bag) and add the temperature and time for when I’m cooking it to serve. In the past, I would leave some of those details up to my memory, which almost always failed me!! Take the thinking out of your actions and just write it down to remind yourself of what you need to do!

I don’t know what you’re going to think….but…..wait for it…..

I keep my freezer version of my recipes in my PAPER recipe book!!!

I know! Can you believe it? After so many posts about using your technology! Here’s why I keep it on paper:

  1. I don’t need the freezer version when I am shopping. I just add my groceries from my recipe app to my lists directly on my phone.
  2. It’s cleaner for my phone. I can have multiple freezer recipes on one paper, rather than me scrolling through my phone with food all over my hands. Also, my phone sometimes times out which is very annoying in the middle of following a recipe!
  3. My recipe book is also a recipe stand, so I can clearly display it for easy following. I can set my book up on my counter and make a bunch of each of the meals.

The freezer version does not need as many details as the original recipe. Sometimes a simple “mix all ingredients together” is sufficient. Sometimes you may need some of the preparation details, but try to make it as minimal as possible to keep things simpler for the prepping day. Make sure you do add the cooking temp and time so that you can add that to your label for the freezer bag or for the freezer container – that way you don’t have to hunt down the recipe when it comes time to cook and serve!

When you are finally done prepping, and everything is in the freezer, sit back, and enjoy the meal picking, rather than the meal planning process!

One comment

  1. Clever idea – such a time saver – especially on days when you really don’t feel like doing full on dinner prep.


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