Decluttering your life. The food edition!

Decluttering is about more than just throwing out our stuff. Decluttering to me, is about focusing my attention on making purposeful choices about what I really want to keep in my life. I don’t only think about what I don’t want to keep in my life.

This idea can be applied to so many more aspects of life than just the stuff in our homes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about food lately. I think the decluttering process can be applied to the food we eat. If we compare the food we eat to the stuff we keep or buy, there are so many parallels to draw. First off, back to my main idea about ‘decluttering stuff is about making purposeful choices about our stuff’, then purposeful choices about our food may be about what we want to keep in our bodies! Do you want to keep a bag of chips in your body? Or a bag of chocolate chips? (Who doesn’t eat the chocolate chips out of the bag? Anyone? Only me? Moving on then…) Think of it like decluttering. Think about your food and what you eat with purpose. What do you eat? When do you eat it? Why do you eat it? Sometimes, I purposefully eat 3 brownies instead of one! But at least I do it on purpose! Maybe not having it in the house is your way of dealing with your food clutter, so maybe you need to make the choice to purposefully buy it to eat it. Maybe having an organized hidden stash somewhere in the house is your way of dealing with it, its there when you purposefully need it. Maybe not being the shopper is your way of dealing with it, out of sight, out of mind. Either way, think about what you eat, and eat it on purpose.

If you think about the clutter in your house as you walk around, or even just the clutter in that clutter drawer (I know you have one! Everyone does!!), it may stress you out. You may think to yourself that you should deal with all that clutter – because its visible! You may be cluttering yourself with food too. Ever have that over filled feeling after eating? That’s food clutter in your body. It stresses your body out. It’s hard to think about it too much in the way of “dealing with it” because it’s not a drawer you open up. It’s not visibly in your face. It sort of vanishes from your mind after you eat the food.

You can also think of it in terms of the stuff or clutter that you buy.

Quality over quantity comes to mind. If you buy a bunch of stuff at the dollar store (granted, they have some great stuff for a great deal) some of it is maybe going to break after the first time you touch it. It’s not satisfying when you make the decision to buy something, then it breaks. So then you may buy the next level up of a similar item. You may need to buy a few things until you just buy the higher quality one in the end. Now you have had to buy more, just to get what you needed. It’s like food. If you eat lower quality food, like junk food or food from fast food places or other restaurants, you may not feel full or satisfied. So then you buy more. Still not feeling full until you have either eaten a LOT of junk food, or until you put higher quality food into your system. Then we wonder why our body’s change after eating all that junk. Or why our houses change when we fill them with stuff! It’s because our choices are happening without purposefully choosing what we need.

My January so far has been filled with more purposeful choices and I can feel a difference. We have been making the kids declutter their toys, and helping them think more about things they want to buy. Meanwhile, I am thinking more about our family’s food choices. We all seem to have more energy and enthusiasm.

All of it comes down to more thorough planning.

It’s one of the happy coincidences due to COVID. It’s harder to pop out to the store to buy food or stuff with ‘stay at home orders’ and such. We need to preplan any of our shopping, meaning that we need to think more purposefully about both the food we buy and the stuff we buy, forcing the idea of buying it all on purpose.

What part of your life feels the most cluttered? Or the most chaotic? Focus on that for a while, even just a week. Think about why it’s chaotic or how you can purposefully change it, or your attitude towards it. See how your life changes simply because of your putting purpose behind whatever it is.

Thanks for coming home!

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