The kitchen clutter drawer!

Ok, so everyone has one! You know the one! That one with the random utensils you never actually remember to use. The one where you always think to yourself in mid preparations of dinner, “I have a little gadget that is supposed to make this thing easier…where is that….” It’s the drawer where everything goes, but nothing seems to really live there. The drawer used for every purpose and yet no purpose at all.

The junk drawer!

Well I used to have two of them in my kitchen! Sheesh! For a while we even had kid toys in one of them. Where else are you going to hide their toys when you take them away, I guess!

It took me a lot of time, and some donated divider inserts from my Mother-in-Law to get me to take a closer look at mine.

Just look at that drawer! Those cheese knives look like they were serving me well!!!

While we were doing our kitchen renovations, I had pictures in my mind of how my drawers and cupboards would look. When you open them up, the world would whisper “ooohs” and “ahhs”. I pictured having outlines of objects with a label for each random kitchen gadget. Then I realized that if kids pull really hard on a drawer, or slam it shut everything moves anyway, so really why organize it!?

The worst part about this drawer is that sometimes I would open it, and something would get stuck. So now the drawer is open just enough for a couple of fingers. Then you try to squeeze as much of your fingers in so that you can fix the jam and get the drawer the rest of the way open….OR, you just get your fingers in there enough to get out what you need then leave the trap for someone else…muahaha!

Alas, the drawer could not stay this way! So I pulled out everything! Just the way I like to deal with it:

Sort, declutter, then organize!

The reality when organizing a space, is that you need to put back in some of the items you think you might use (ok but seriously, do we really need the packaged chop sticks?), you HAVE to go back to the drawer in the future to declutter again. That way you know what you actually are using now that you can access your stuff! You need to see how much you reach for it, or how often you even remember you have it. One thing I will say, is that those cheese knives are much easier to use now that they are out of the package!!

The best way to declutter your space, or your home, is to do it all the time! Sounds exhausting right? If you are always assessing what you have and how much you use it, then you can always decide what you can get rid of. Let’s say you have a couple minutes while you’re waiting for your water to boil for dinner. Take a minute to open up a drawer or a cupboard and just look at it, no pressure to do anything! Just open your eyes, and really look at it. Then go back to your water so that it doesn’t boil over! No one wants to clean up that mess! Later that evening, go back and look at that same space, I bet you found something you could move, change or get rid of. Sometimes you need to see a space, have time away from it to think about how you use the space, then after coming back to it, you need to take action. It’s sometimes too overwhelming to open up a drawer or cupboard and organize it. You may end up with an empty space and stuff all over your kitchen with no where to go.

My junk drawer isn’t perfect, but it’s better! And that is a start in the right direction!! I will take it as a win!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I can certainly relate to this one. I like the idea of doing ongoing mini de-clutters to keep things under control.


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