Too much spice in your life?

Unless you pack all of your spices in the same containers without any extra then you probably suffer from the “what do I do with all my spices?” conundrum!

I have large spice containers, small ones, mini ones, odd shaped ones and some in bags!

It’s an organizers’ nightmare!

Well, I have reorganized and changed my spice containers about 8 times since our renovation…in 2013!! That is just way too much on one category of organizing, even for me!

For a while, I was using the shelf above the stove. That worked really well for a little bit, until we started buying some of our spices in the little bags at the store. We had been using cut down egg cartons as risers that would fit around the range hood vent stack. We put some larger Costco sized spice containers on the egg cartons, then put the smaller jars in front so that everything could be seen. Inevitably though, the little bags would get lost behind the jars and get forgotten! Or push over the smaller jars at the front to create the occasional ‘spill of all spills’ once the cupboard opened!!

I then decided to use the cupboard space beside the stove. Thinking, that way if all the spices do fall out, at least it can’t ruin the cooking! The cupboard would have worked a lot longer had it not been for Amazon Prime day 2020. I found that two Costco sized spice containers fit stacked on their side. I could have probably fit three but I also dislike moving something to get to something else, so I decided two would work best. I did have to line my little jars in front of some of the big ones, which was not ideal. At least by using the cupboard, I didn’t need to reach and hope that I grabbed the right baggie, I could actually see all the spices that I had.

This was just to share what it did look like, there were tons of other spices in here too.

On Amazon Prime day, I decided that I would focus on searching for and buying organizing accessories. I used some money to reinvest in the house, especially since I wasn’t spending as much on every day shopping since the world was somewhat pre-occupied with a pandemic and all….

I bought this shelf that would fit beside my fridge. I had really wanted to build one and put a nice skinny cupboard door on it to make it look fancier. But looks got thrown out the window at the price it was on sale for.

It’s a little bit wobbly, especially when it gets caught on the corner of the cupboards, but overall it is a great solution. My kitchen isn’t huge, so my stove is a couple feet away across from the fridge but this works really well. When I am cooking or prepping meals I find I leave it pulled out, since I am in and out of it a lot. I also store some of my meal batch cooking tools on the top shelf for quick and easy access.

It’s always a good idea, every now and then, to look up storage solutions for the items you are having a hard time storing or organizing. Sometimes the undiscovered accessories work the best.

I will just have to figure out how to store my spices if I ever upgrade to the 36″ fridge I wanted to get after our renovation! It’s the real reason why I have 6″ of space beside my fridge!

Thanks for coming home!

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