A kid in the candy store!

Ok, news alert! I am so excited!!! I was shopping in Costco today, when I found iDesign products! 4 bins for less than $30.00!!! These truly, used to be about that price for just ONE! I had to post this right away. I am not sure if all Costco’s will have them but if yours has it, it’s totally worth it.

It’s a steal of a deal!

I just had to share! I haven’t even taken mine out of the box yet. If you don’t know about these bins yet, then get ready to be excited! Can you feel my energy? I am like a kid in the candy store!

There are soooo many things I love about these bins…

This is not endorsed at all by iDesign I am simply a consumer!

The thing I love the most about these is that they are clear so I can see what is in them. They don’t feel like they are cluttering up the space because they are so invisible.

They have squared corners which means less wasted space when you put containers side by side. And less wasted space because even the walls are squared. Often bins have slightly angled walls which actually means you lose more space!

Look at these dimensions! I love that they are 14.5″ long! It’s almost exactly the depth of my freezers, fridges, my cupboards! It’s as if the company looked at household kitchens and appliances then made these bins! I love the practicality!!

The pastic material is sturdy enough for the freezer, fancy enough for the pantry, and functional enough for the fridge!

When I first started blogging, I was thinking to myself how great it would be to get products like these at a discount and promote them on my blog. At this price, I had no problem handing over my credit card!

I can’t wait to share how I will use these new ones. I have some others that I have been using for a couple of years now, and I just simply love them to pieces!

Remember my baking cupboard?

Maybe I will organize my freezer….Oh the possibilities!

Thanks for coming home!

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