Declutter your night time routine

Ever feel like you can’t fall asleep easily? You keep thinking about all the things you need to do tomorrow, or forgot to do today? Do you ever wake up and feel like you have no clue how to get your day started? What to focus your energy on?

Sounds like you need to look more closely at your night time routine!

Everyone is busy, and it’s sometimes hard to find 10 minutes to yourself to think about how you want to spend your time! Days, weeks, months or even years pass by and you still say “I really want to do that still…”

You need a system so that you can take the guesswork out of the day and just focus!

I do what I call a brain dump before bed. It can literally just take a couple minutes, but it makes me so much more efficient!! I use a notebook, sometimes I use my phone if I am sleeping away from home. The idea is to create sections then write down the top three things you want (note, WANT) to focus on in each section the next day.

Some of my sections include fitness, kids, food, household chores, errands, etc. The idea is not to focus on each one every day, but by the end of the week you have covered the important things you want to focus on. Or maybe you have only one thing in each section, that’s ok too. It’s just about writing down your most important focus for that section.

When I fill out my notebook, I keep it very simple. I just write out the section heading, then add my items to it, but I never add more than three. There is no way that I can get everything done the next day so I try to only think about the most pressing or the more important things for that next day. Sometimes it’s kind of silly, like for food, I might have “eat no treats”, but I think about it through the day and generally I do focus on it!

Don’t make it too fancy, otherwise it can be harder to do it. The idea is just to get a couple things down on paper so that you can start your day with an expectation of how it’s going to go, so that you can accomplish what you want!

Pick categories or sections that apply to your life; you may have different areas to focus on than I do. Even categories like who to call, or write a note to someone.

The easy thing about using your phone is that you can have all of your sections already listed, so that you can just fill it in where things fit. But I do have to admit, there is something about the process of actually writing it down that makes me think about it more throughout the day. Sometimes on my phone it’s out of sight out of mind. With something like a brain dump, I kind of want it in my face!

Sometimes things will happen that make you stray from the items you want to focus on, but that is also why you don’t want to add too much. Be flexible with your own expectations of yourself. The brain dump helps me stay focused on what I want to be able to accomplish, its not a failed day if I don’t get stuff done, just need to focus on it again tomorrow maybe! It’s truly surprising how much time you can gain, if you just focus on what you want to get done.

You will feel so much better as you sip your coffee in the morning, knowing how you are going to tackle your day!

Thanks for coming home!


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