Coordinating the grocery lists

How do you make a grocery list that everyone in the house can add things to? Well there are a few great ways that my husband and I coordinate our lists and eventually, the kids will be able to add items as well.


We primarily use the Flipp app. It’s a great app for being able to clip items from flyers (which is handy when price matching), but the best part is that you can add items to your list AND share it live with whoever you need to! As long as you both have the app, you can coordinate the list so that whichever one of you is shopping, you both have access to the same list. You can also search specific items to find where they are on sale! The app shows flyers of all the stores close to you.


The other way we add things to a joint list is through our echo dot. We can verbally have Alexa add things to specific lists, and as long as we both have the Alexa app on our devices we both see the updated lists! This is also great for to do lists!!

The good ol’ fashion way!

As we go through our normal week, I also add things to a magnetic whiteboard that we have on the fridge door. I personally love this for ease, especially when I am cooking. I sometimes can’t be bothered with all of the apps when I am in the heat of the moment…(literally while cooking!), I need somewhere that I can mentally dump the items we need without the fuss. I find it easier to jot it down on my white board, then add it to my digital lists afterwards. Plus, because the kids don’t have any of the apps that we have, they can easily write stuff down on the fridge too (though, if your kids are like mine, you may need to interpret the spelling to figure out what the item is!!).

There are tons of other ways to coordinate lists! There are features with google calendar to share lists, and also with Apple devices.

As I have said before, you have to find what works for you, but in this day and age, and with new apps coming out all of the time, there is always a solution when it comes to coordinating between devices. The hardest part sometimes, is getting everyone to reliably use the app so that you can actually coordinate the lists!!!

Good luck with that one!!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. As a paper list maker, my trick is to leave stashes of small note pads in various places around the house. An app would be tidier, but it’s hard to teach this older gal new tricks.


    • I could not agree more about how hard it is to teach new tricks. Think about trying to add things on your phone next time you reach for your stash of paper, you may find it’s not as hard as it seems. Plus…don’t you hate forgetting a list somewhere? You are probably more organized than I am, because I used to always leave my lists where they were not helpful! Thanks for sharing your tricks! It’s great to have note pads everywhere. I only had one in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder I kept losing them!


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