My favourite hidden gem!

I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but I do find that I have enough of it that I need a good way to store it. I have the amount that actually makes it very hard to organize. I don’t have quite enough for a nice jewelry box or mounted unit, but I have too much to just leave it on the counter or shove in a drawer…

Hence, another organizing dilemma!

I love little sticky hooks for lightweight items (the same ones that I used for my bras in my master closet! Check out the post: Our Master Closet; All about the roll) They are the perfect thing for all kinds of storage solutions. The challenge with them is that they occasionally come off from wherever they are stuck (especially in bathrooms! Nothing like a hot steamy shower for stickers!) So, I did not want to use them on my cupboard unit in my master bathroom. That made me think of my closet, but I didn’t want my necklaces to get knocked off the hooks from my clothes. So I started to think about my other options…

I decided to put some of my office supplies to good use!

I actually use a binder to store my necklaces!!

I stuck some of my hooks onto the inside of the binder. My favourite thing about it, is that it cost me next to nothing! (ahem…because I already have way too many binders!!) And it keeps my necklaces from getting tangled. I like the system so much that I may actually invest some money into some nicer binders, or even a vertical pull out clear tray. These kind of solutions make my mind reel! Sometimes I just want to contact a company and have them create my ideas!! The other great thing about it is that you can load it with as many hooks as you want, just place them at different heights to avoid getting your jewelry tangled. You can even use the hooks for bracelets or rings. Need a place for earrings? Why not insert a plastic canvas sheet in the binder loops! Are you as excited as I am about this?….maybe it’s just me!

I know there are so many great products on the market for jewelry storage, but sometimes you just gotta get a bit creative to find the best solution for you!

Enjoy the photos!

What is the most creative and unique storage solution you have come up with??

Thanks for coming home!

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