Getting stuff done and encouraging independence

As sad as it may be to see your kids growing up, it’s very satisfying to see them become self sufficient and independent little people!

I know for me, my kids tend to manage themselves better when they have responsibilties around the house. If we do everything for them, then they can never appreciate all of the things adults do around the house. They may even struggle to learn to manage their own time once they move out on their own and try to figure out how to do it all.

Kids are way more willing to work than we give them credit. They are way more capable then even they know. Give them confidence boosting power by making them do chores. Teach them to take pride in the steady and tidyness of maintaining the house!

I have changed our system over and over. I have also flip flopped back and forth about whether or not to give money with the completion of chores.

We haven’t put this into practice yet but I have high hopes about my newest chart/wall.

Its all about being a “buzz-y bee”.

I decided to go ahead with giving some money with some chores, but keeping some basic chores that have to be done regardless of earning money!

There are so many simple chores that kids can do, especially if you try to break down the chores more than you might for yourself.

The summer can become long without any structure to the day, AND with summer camps closed, and parents working from home. Setting up a chore chart for the summer can help with the “boredom blues!”

We also get the kids some new work books. Again to both fill the time and it gives the kids something to do (even if it’s just to complain!!!)

Finishing a few pages each day of their work book is part of their basic chores, along with making their beds, and not just dumping stuff at the front OR back doors, and helping to set and clear the table. When the kids were younger I had things on their basic list like getting dressed. Now that the kids are older that was removed and switched for higher expectations of basic things to do.

To keep the chore chart successful, find out what motivates your kids.

If you can get away with handing out stickers, great! If they want screen time, use it! Sometimes money is the way to go, especially if they’re trying to save up for something big!

Keep in mind, if you don’t have kids, you can still set a goal when it comes to chores. Think about things you want to attain…maybe buy a new plant if you do extra chores through the week! Ultimately as adults there are simply things that must happen around the house, but you can still have fun doing it! Maybe even if you get your chores done by a certain time in the morning, you can guiltlessly spend time having fun, or on a hobby!

Enjoy your summer, staying on top of the chores!

Thanks for coming home!

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