Goggles, goggles and more goggles!!!

Today, we were lucky enough to be enjoying yet another sunny afternoon in the pool! Out of the blue, my oldest turned and said to me, “it would be really great if we had, like some kind of drawer that we could use to keep some of the pool stuff in.” My mind is always going a mile a minute when the kids are talking about their ideas. I try to search my memory bank for supplies or materials they may need to make their ideas come to life. As he was going through what he would store in the drawers it got me thinking about our camping stuff. We used to use a plastic drawer unit for part of our camp kitchen (which I modified a tad by the end of last year, more on camping organization in future posts).

I suggested the drawer unit to him and, I was very proud to see a glimmer of pure excitement when I said I could pull it out and he could sort the pool stuff.

My mini me in training!

One of my favourite things in life is when the kids beat me to doing something I would do myself. I have tried to create better systems for the pool stuff, but it always makes me dream of making custom wood shelves to put hooks and baskets on, or build a shelf unit in the house or garage to make things easier to access for everyone.

We already have an outdoor storage box with all of the pool toys in it. The floaties are usually on top, and all the dive toys and goggles get lost in the bottom, ahem…”where all the bugs are”, my kids whine! I tried to use separate containers within the box to keep the smaller things, but it was too hard a system to maintain.

So I pulled the drawer unit out of the garage and it slowly got filled and sorted! Now it’s way easier to see how much too much we actually have! On to creating the labels!

Now, if I could just get them to hang up their suits and towels!

Enjoy the weather!

Thanks for coming home!

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