The notebook of the future!

First of all, I just want to say that there is no kickback or benefit to me if you buy or don’t buy a rocketbook through the links below. I just simply think the way these books work is amazing!!!

Ok, so I don’t know how many of you know about this new crazy kind of notebook! I have been looking into them for a while now and had been waiting for them to become a little bit less expensive. I decided to bite the bullet and buy The Rocketbook Fusion, for myself during one of amazon prime days a couple years ago. (Here’s the link to more information about the Rocketbook, and how it works). It went on one of those super deals, to the point that I couldn’t resist. I have to admit, it is a pretty amazing notebook!

The idea of the book is that you write in it with a specific pen (slight downside because you can only use that pen – though there are a variety of colours available, even highlighters!) then you can erase the pen using a bit of water and a special cloth (really you can even use a paper towel). I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have to say it’s pretty amazing!

The other idea of the book is for you to be able to scan your notes and send them as either a picture, or as text, or a document to your phone, email, or other cloud services like dropbox, or even send it to your note programs like Onenote or Evernote! One downside here is that you have to print VERY legibly, so your scribbles may not translate with the built in OCR (optical character recognition) software in the Rocketbook app. (Check out the video and be prepared to be inspired on how you can make the Rocketbook work for you!)

The reason why I am totally sold on this notebook is that mostly I am writing things like lists that truly can simply be written and erased over and over again, without any need for scanning. The other reason I am totally sold on this notebook is that I sometimes need to write down classified information at work, that I don’t ever need to save. I have a mini rocketbook that I can write down information at the time, then I can simply wipe it clean, and there is no risk of anyone finding the information that I wrote! Another reason why it’s such a great notebook is for my meal planning. I can scan my meal plan (especially when I plan months at a time) and keep it in my phone in the app. Plus I can easily reuse my meal plans because they are saved digitally rather than on a scrap paper, or jotted down on my whiteboard on the fridge.

If you have any forms, or planning lists that you fill in daily, you can even make a template by using some permanent marker to create your form outline and category headings, then when you erase the parts you wrote with the rocketbook pen, the permanent marker stays on the page, making it completely reuseable.

There are many different books available. Mine is a bit older but it came with some premade outlines or templates. There is an undated calendar, some weekly planning pages (great for meal planning!!), and even some project planning pages (great for planning house projects, chores, bucket lists, or even blog posts!!). While writing this post and looking at some of their new products I found out they actually have a Panda Planner Rocketbook. I might just have to buy it! It’s a great planner for boosting your productivity and focusing your efforts in the parts of your life you really want to prioritize!

If you do a lot of whiteboard work, you can also get little Beacons or a Think board. You can place the beacons around your work on your whiteboard and the app recognizes them as the “corners of the page”, then just scan your whiteboard! The Think board has built in Beacons on the corners. (These are also great for meal planning!!!)

Happy writing and planning!!

Thanks for coming home!


Here are some pictures of my RocketBook.


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