How has COVID messed up your goals?

When I started blogging, the kids were in school, predictably, and I had goals of organizing my house and my life and sharing my trials and tribulations with people to see if it could offer some help or inspiration to anyone.

Thanks to the kids being homeschooled, I have achieved…well…hardly half of my goals!!

How has COVID impacted your goals?

My organizing goals have been hit. My cleaning goals too! Even my meal planning goals, my relationship goals, my parenting goals, my work goals, basically all of my goals have been put on hold in some capacity!

I sometimes get frustrated that I’m so behind on achieving my goals. On achieving any goal! But really, it’s just another obstacle to overcome. Life is full of them!

You either conquer the obstacle or you learn stuff about yourself or your surroundings!

It’s easy to feel defeated when you’re behind from where you want to be. But did you do anything to put yourself where you are? Did you keep trying? Did you keep working towards your goal?

If you did, then you won!

You’re further ahead! Because a world pandemic is actually, slightly, out of your control!!

The great thing (and sometimes terrible thing) is that you have total control of your goals. You can change your expectations of timelines, you can modify what the actual goal is, you can even change whether or not it’s still a goal!

The only thing that discourages you is you!

So what, the timeline changed! Make a stand with yourself. Accept the change! Set a new goal and work for it.

Life is constantly testing you! Adapt and reset…and conquer!

Thanks for coming home!

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