The Power-list!

So, let’s say you’re overwhelmed with your life or house or planning…so you write out a quick to do list because you know it will get you motivated to cross items off!

Now that you have your list written, you stare at it blankly and wonder where to begin…because it takes up two pages!

Make a Power-list!

You can actually boost the power of your task list by adding so much more detail. You just may need to dig a little deeper into the items on your list!

Break it down!

Break down your task list as much as possible. Try to define each task thoroughly. You may have an item that says “clean bathroom”. To add more power to your list and boost your productivity think about the list in terms of smaller jobs. Rather than “clean bathroom”, break it down to “clean toilet”, “clean tub”, “mop floor”, “wipe counters”, “wipe mirrors”, and “dust ceiling”. It will likely make your to do list seem epically long, but it will make it easier to manage your time.

Set a priority!

So, you have your whole entire, extended ‘to do’ list now. Who’s overwhelmed? You could just start jumping in and start tackling your list…or…you could take a few more minutes to add some priorities to your list. So maybe the toilets need doing but the tub can wait another week. When you define the priorities, you can focus your time and energy on those with the highest priority.

Set a timeline!

Focusing on your priorities is great…but…why not take it another step further? Add a time allowance for your to do items. Rather than estimating how long it will take you to do a task, pick an amount of time you want the task to take. Double the power of your task list and use a timer! So now, instead of writing “clean bathrooms” on your task list, you might instead have something like “Priority 1 – clean toilet – less than 5 mins”, or “priority 3 – clean tub – 10 mins”. The power of adding a time allowance is about setting limits on your time and using your time efficiently. Set a 10 minute timer, and clean the tub as thoroughly as you can in that 10 mins. It may not be perfect afterward, but it will be better than it was, and it only took you 10 minutes! Who knows? You could be done in 8 minutes! Then you might even have time to sip coffee while you watch the timer finish!

When it comes to chores or ‘to do’ items, the goal is to get them done as quickly as possible so that you can get on with doing the things you actually want to spend your time on. Even if it’s a bigger task or something without an easy to define timeframe, pick an amount of time to devote to the task, and set the timer! Once the timer goes off decide again how to spend your time. You can always add more time if you need to, but at least you don’t miss out on other things you’d rather be doing with your time!

Make your power list and get productive!

Thanks for coming home!


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