Full force fitness

Ever since my kids have become school aged, I have loved using September as a time to focus on my own fitness.

I know that I don’t need the kids to go back to school for me to be able to focus on my health, but it is WAY easier to stay motivated when you have a chunk of “almost guaranteed to be” uninterrupted time.

Summer eating and drinking and maybe even late night snacking has diminished now that the sun sleeps earlier, so it’s easier to spend more time thinking about healthy meals and extra fitness.

If this does not resonate with you and you stay focused on your health and fitness over the summer, good on you!!

For me to stay motivated in the summer, I need the stars to align with the planets and the sun, and maybe even align with the waves in the ocean, and each ant in the ground. Basically, conditions have to be perfect, which is not reality! It’s too easy for me to eat more food than usual, or have an extra drink in the afternoon or evening with friends by the pool.

So, what I really need about September and about the kids going back to school is:


With a predictable(ish) routine, I can make a stronger plan for my own fitness.

My goal for september is to crush the monkey bars!!

If you have been letting your health and fitness slide over the summer, use September to make a challenging fitness goal for yourself! Ever dreamed of doing 5 push ups in a row? Or 50? Now’s your chance! Want to do a full sit up? Without something holding your feet down? Do one every day, or 10! Work up to a minute long plank, or 4 minutes! Ever wanted to do a pull up? Try! Every day!

Try to aim for something you think you’ll never be able to physically do!

Use the routine, or the change of September to be the force within you! Use the force to aim higher. Challenge yourself to overcome any of your doubts about your strength!

Be physically strong this month!

Thanks for coming home!

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