Getting the kids back into routine

The first day of school is coming quickly! But the kids have been going to bed later, not packing lunches, and not even in a “normal” routine for about 18 months!

How are those first few days back going to go?

Plan ahead!!


Start asking them about lunches so you can grab the right groceries to make them a good and tasty lunch they will eat. Why not throw in a treat! Do some baking in the last few days before school, have them pick out things to bake and do it with them. Even think about your dinners! Are you finally going to be at the office for your own work? Think about your lunches too! It’s about getting everyone back into their routines.


Go through their bags with them. Pull out whatever school supplies you may already have at home and let them pick out the stuff they want to add to their bags. If you need to, hit up a thrift store for binders and other random things or go to the store to buy the rest of the things you may need.


Have them pick out what they may wear that first day or two. They can try stuff on from their closets so that they know it will fit and they will be happy wearing whatever it is. Try on shoes too! There’s nothing worse than having them pick out clothes, packing their bags and getting ready at the door only to find their shoes are too tight!

Make it a breeze in the morning by simply thinking ahead a bit.

The first week of school for us this year is only two days! But even more than those two days, I try to think about the next week. We can wing it for a couple days, but that whole week is where we can go downhill quick.

I also try to do more low key things in the evening once they are home from school. They always seem so burnt out during that first whole week.

I’ve noticed that the kids do better in the transition if I make the time to think ahead to the things they need that first week.

Good luck to all the parents as school gets back underway! Enjoy the time away from them if you can!

Thanks for coming home!

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