Celebrate your life!

As you all may have guessed by now, I love September! I actually love it WAY more than January as far as an opportunity to reflect on who you are, where you are in life, your goals, and achievements.

Often, we focus so much on the things we don’t have or the things we have not yet accomplished. We focus on the negative or the “ho-hum” of the day to day.

Another thing you likely know about me by now is that I love creating lists! And setting goals! So…who doesn’t love a good bucket list? Am I right?

What do you do with those crossed off achievements? Do you even think of them when it’s over? Maybe when your social media pops up with a “hey, remember this post you made years ago…”

Celebrate your achievements and accomplishments.

Make an “Already done” list of all of the things that you’ve done in your life that have made you feel proud of yourself, or things you’ve had to overcome, or places you’ve traveled to with some amazing sites you’ve seen. Add interesting experiences, or even pets you’ve loved and lost!

Create a list that celebrates your life!

I am very visual, so I created a special board in my Pinterest called “My Amazing Life!”

I found pictures by searching “bucket list…enter thing I’ve done”, for example “bucket list travel to Australia”. It came back with a ton of pictures with some bucket list text on the picture and I saved the ones that reminded me of my dream trip to Australia! I then searched other countries I have been to, I searched things I’ve done on trips, like “ride a horse bareback in the ocean”, and I have even searched simpler things like “seen a Broadway musical”, even something like “jump into the water, fully clothed!” Maybe it’s even sports teams you have played on, like university sports or from high school, or other jobs you’ve had in the past. Your mind can start to wander. But then, when you look back at the images you can stop and think, “wow! I have actually done all of this!!!”

This kind of list helps you stay grounded and grateful for the things you’ve done in your life…good or bad! It keeps goals and achievements in perspective.

You can end up living your whole life planning ahead and thinking ahead and dreaming of the future. But then, you may look back and realize the future never came…it’s still present day and life happens! Maybe that dream of being a famous singer has dwindled, but now you are a great, energetic, well loved kindergarten teacher! Why not celebrate that?

Sometimes the experiences we dream of, lead us to different experiences that can still be valued and looked back on with pride!

I love looking through “My Amazing Life” board on Pinterest. I try to look it over at least twice per year! I also try to update it often. I mostly look for pictures (even if the article is unrelated). Because I’m going for the visual effect of going through the images, I can’t help but smile and feel full of life with amazing memories when I look at it.

It’s kind of like a vision board, but I wanted to have something digital that I could have with me. I wanted something that I could look at without pulling out a big poster, or having pictures all over one of my walls. I had thought about scrapbooking instead. But it’s also hard to carry around.

You can use whatever you want to use to make yours but I highly recommend pictures. It’s amazing how easily little memories come flooding back at the mere site of an image!

I love stealing quiet moments for myself to add to my Pinterest board, and relive my most coveted experiences!

You should try it! Escape with yourself, on a picto-journey into your past.

Thanks for coming home!

One comment

  1. I love scrolling through my old Instagram posts as a reminder of all the fun times and happy memories I’ve made.


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